Why Most Successful Video Games come from Germany?

    Los Angeles in summer 2018. A woman steps onto the stage of the Electronic Entertainment Expo and is visibly excited. The E3 is the most important date in the video game year, here the big studios present the titles, of which they hope the most press, the highest sales in Malaysia of mobile legends hack in the coming months.


    The Developer’s presentations track millions of people around the world via live stream. Cornelia Geppert came to Los Angeles from Berlin to present her game Sea of ​​Solitude. The main character is a young woman who suffers from hopelessness and loneliness and therefore fights with monsters - with inner monsters that become outer ones.


    Not a game for mainstream success, but instead dealing with personal trauma. So, Sea of ​​Solitude even made it into the New York Times.


    Otherwise, the fact that the international press deals with a video game from Germany is rare. Production hardly plays a role even on the domestic market.


    The 3.1 billion euros that were sold in Germany in 2018 with the sale of video games, according to the annual report of the German games industry, only 135 million euros were spent on free fire hack 2020 that were also developed here.


    There are some large studios in this country too. In 2018, the French industry giant Ubisoft opened an office in Berlin and announced that it plans to fill 150 jobs by 2020.


    However, the majority of the domestic developer scene consists of small companies, so-called indie studios, whose number of employees is often in the single digits. Large-scale productions, in which several hundred people work on a title for years, the development costs of which can sometimes exceed 100 million euros, cannot be handled by these studios.


    However, in order to develop internationally competitive products, you need large studios that are willing to invest enormous sums. But so far they have had little incentive to settle in Germany.